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How easy is it to erect a bell tent?!

Whether you’re a solo female or a family of five, it doesn’t matter – erecting a bell tent is easy!

We get asked weekly by clients, how long does it take to set up a bell tent, or how easy is it to erect a bell tent, so we thought we’d share with you our standard ‘how to’ guidelines to demonstrate to you exactly just how easy it is to put a bell tent up!

Erecting your Bell Tent

One person can single handedly erect a Bell Tent but the more people there are, the quicker it goes up!

1) Unpack the Bell Tent and lay out the groundsheet. Find the door and rotate the groundsheet so it’s facing the desired direction (make sure the tags for pegging it down are on the outside and you don’t have it inside out).

2) Place the canvas on top of the groundsheet (again make sure it’s the right way round and the guy ropes are outside) and line the door up with the doorway on the ground sheet.

Even though the groundsheet and tent may come separately we recommend you keep them zipped together and only unzip when you want the walls up. The tent is much faster to put up and down that way. If the total weight is too much to carry to your campsite, consider separating the tent and groundsheet and doing two trips to the car.

3) Zip the canvas and the groundsheet together all the way round (apart from the door).

4) Take the small pegs and, pulling the groundsheet tight, peg it out (the tent is designed so you use the same pegs for the groundsheet and the straps on the bottom of the walls).

5) Take the main straight pole through the door, find the centre of the cone and push the pole and tent up until it’s vertical.

6) Put the A frame together and place inside the door (it’s easier to get it through the door if you complete putting it together once inside). Put the spike through the hole as the top of the door and fit the feet into their holding pockets.

7) Zip the door shut and, using the large pegs, attach the first guy rope above the door. Then attach the rest of the guy ropes around the whole tent without putting any of them under too much tension. 

NB All the guy ropes need to follow the lines of the seams in the roof. Adjust the guy rope slider so you have approx. 50cm of loop to the peg – this allows adjustment in both directions. It is important to make sure the Bell Tent stays symmetrical and that the tension is evenly spread.

8) Once all the pegs are in, adjust the guy ropes to create the desired tension. By doing it this way, and following the seam lines, your Bell Tent will look perfect and without creases.

If the door seems too tight move the two guy ropes either side of the door in towards the middle of the door to relieve some tension.

There you go – your Bell Tent is up!

Why not watch our short video on how to set up a bell tent – click here!

If you’d like to purchase your very own bell tent, then we have brand new 4m & 5m bell tents available to purchase from just £465 from our shop.


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