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Getting a good night’s sleep when camping & glamping

The benefit of glamping is that you don’t have to leave the creature comforts of home that we’ve all become accustomed to – you can take them with you! And what’s better than getting a good night’s sleep in a super soft and comfy sleeping bag?


We all like a good night’s sleep which is why, when we were introduced to the Snuggle Sac, we found it to be one of best glamping accessories we’ve seen in recent months.  Designed for children and more recently adults, the Snuggle Sac was originally created as a solution to the problem of children waking up in the night.  A luxuriously soft Sac helps you feel cosy and secure, wherever you’re sleeping –whether it be in the car on the way to your destination or in your tent itself when you’ve arrived.  Quite often, a change in surrounds whether child or adult, can have an impact on our sleeping patters and this can be even more so when you’re camping or glamping, with the sounds of nature surrounding you.  However, we found that with one of our super comfy luxury mattresses paired with a Snuggle Sac each, we had one of the best night’s sleep under canvas that we’ve ever had.

We’ve tried and tested a LOT of sleeping bags here at South Coast Glamping and I have to say, with the fun designs ranging from animal characters for kids to spots and floral designs for adults and the super soft and cosy finish of the Snuggle Sacs, they’re up there in our list of highly recommended products.


If you’re planning a glamping trip here with us this season and have any kids, we have each a girls and a boys Snuggle Sac that are available free of charge to trial as an extra on your trip (subject to availability). See the extras section on our pricing page to add the items to your enquiry.  For more details and to see the full range of Snuggle Sac products visit or contact Tina Goldsmith on 01603 881705.

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