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Tips on how to pack your bell tent back into its bag…Yes, it is possible!

Here are our tips on how to pack your bell tent back into its bag.  It’s another question we get asked frequently!  It took us a while to get the hang of it and we do it several hundred times a year, so we thought we’d share our wisdom with you in a simple ‘how to’ style guide.

Remember, it is VITAL that your bell tent is stored bone dry otherwise it will get attacked by mould – in a matter of hours. Its fine taking it down damp, however you MUST ensure you hang it up to dry within 24 hours. You don’t have to set the tent up again, just hang it on a washing line, over some chairs or something similar. Basically, it just needs air circulation.

The hassle free way to get your bell tent back in its bag:

1. Remove all the poles and pegs from the tent whilst keeping the canvas off the grass – this helps keep your tent clean and grass stain free. Without standing on the canvas, fold half of the tent over on itself so you have a half moon with the groundsheet facing up.

2. Let that half of the groundsheet dry out and use an old towel or cloth to wipe off any mud or worm casks. If it’s not a dry day you’ll need to dry the tent out when you get home. The idea is that you always have canvas touching canvas and groundsheet touching groundsheet, so even if the tent is wet you avoid stains.

Once dry, flip the half moon over so the other half of the groundsheet can also dry out. (It’s a good idea to move the tent off its original spot to avoid putting the condensation back onto the first half).

3. Once the whole tent is dry you now need to fold the half moon over on itself again and again so you end up with a strip the width of the tent bag. The best way to do this is to put the bag at the top of the tent and use it as a template to get the right width.

4. Now fold the strip in half and place the pole bag and peg bag at one end. Roll the whole thing into a tight bundle using the ties to secure the tent as a roll. Next, lift one end and slip one end of the tent into the bag and then the other end – and zip/fasten up!

Bingo – you’ve done it!

It may take a few practice attempts but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

For more tips on bell tent care and erection, check out our other blog posts!  If anyone has any tips of their own to share, why not share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

All tips provided by South Coast Glamping.  To purchase your own bell tent, visit today.  We have limited stock remaining.

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