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Top 10 glamping accessories

Whether you’re a top end ‘camper’ or an all-out ‘glamper’, you should check out our carefully selected ‘Top 10 Glamping Accessories’ that have caught our eye for the season ahead. Of course, you’ll already have your luxurious tent and furnishings to make your glamping adventure a good one but we think that these extra accessories might just propel you to the next level of ‘glamorous camping’!

  1. Joules Crockington Wellies – I LOVE these cool wellies and at only £49.95 they’re a bargain for a whole season of dry comfy feet.
  2. Knitted Stag Head Hot Water Bottle – With our penchant for anything ‘Stag’ related I just couldn’t resist this cute hot water bottle. Cosy up in your bed and never feel cold again.
  3. Vango Eco 36LED Dynamo Lantern – Don’t get caught out in the dark this season, take this compact wind-up or solar rechargeable lamp and hang it from your tent for an all-round bright light, or tuck it to the side of the floor for a softer light. This torch also comes in handy for ‘visits’ in the middle of the night!
  4. Keep Calm Glamping Mug – Serious glamper?! Then you need this mug for your early morning coffee.
  5. Funky Oval Glamping Kettle by Quest – The coolest camping kettle I’ve seen for while! Lightweight and easy to use, as well as being larger capacity to keep those trips to the taps down.
  6. Ashwood Shoreditch Brown Leather Weekender – Male or female, this tidy bag will ensure you have all that you need for your weekend away glamping. With its vintage leather finish, it looks the part whoever you are!
  7. Dream Essentials Sleep Mask – We all know that early wake up feeling when you’re camping. Block out the light with this pitch black mask for the ultimate glamping lie-in.
  8. Duck Feather & Down Pillow – It might seem a bit luxurious – but you’re glamping right?! Never mind a camp pillow, take the real deal!
  9. House of Marley Portable Wireless Speaker – Never be without your favourite tunes with this funky mini speaker. Up to 8hrs of battery life and a 10 meter radius of wireless connection.
  10. Windproof matches – We’ve all been caught out trying to light the campfire. Simple and cheap – but super handy to have up your sleeve!


So that rounds up our top picks of the year ahead. If you’ve got any other recommendations, we’d love to hear them! Tweet @SCoastGlamping using #GlampingAccessories or post to our Facebook page.

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